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All the following articles and papers were published in previous years. We archive all peer reviewed papers here.

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Archive Subjects

Reader Surveys

The 1995 Psychiatry On-Line Survey - Antidepressants - Final Results


Anticholinergic drugs in treatment of neuroleptic-induced extrapyramidal symptoms. Dinesh K. Arya
Focus on Lamotrigine
Focus on Sertindole
Focus on Venlafaxine
Focus on Nefazodone
Focus on Olanzapine
Focus on Quetiapine
Focus on Gabapentin
Focus on Topiramate
Ask Dr Ivan: 1
Ask Dr Ivan: 2
Ask Dr Ivan: 3
Ask Dr Ivan: 4
Ask Dr Ivan: 5
Ask Dr Ivan: 6
Ask Dr Ivan: 7
The Drug Intervention Log


Dialectical BehaviourTherapy and Borderline Personality Disorder by Barry Kiehn and Michaela Swales

Affective Disorders

bulletA Double Blind Trial Comparing Clomipramine and Sertraline in the Treatment of Major Depression R. A. Edwards and G.L. Newburn
bullet Fluoxetine as Monotherapy in Psychotic Depression - A Report of Four Cases by Jorge Tamayo
bullet Depression and suicidal behaviour by Manfred Wolfersdorf
Depression A review article
Depressed Doctors by Dr Chris Dowrick, Professor of General Practice.
An 'interview' with Ugo Cerletti by Dr. F. Bollorino et al


Neuroradiological aspects of treatment with Clozapine by Tome M B and Isaac M T
Schizophrenia - a review of current opinion by Dr Ben Green

Psychiatry of Old Age

bullet Mental Health in Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities by Dr Mark Nathanson

Neurotic Disorders

bullet Electroacupuncture: A novel treatment for anxiety disorder. Hagen Rampes & Jonathan Davidson
bullet EMDR: Rapid Treatment of Panic Disorder by Dr W. Nadler
Neurotic Disorders - a review of current opinion

Personality Issues

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder by Barry Kiehn and Michaela Swales
bullet Icons of Flesh - Reflections on the Art of Tattoos by James Hooper MD

Case Reports

Our Case Conference Feature - The complete case with international responses.
Case Report by Drs Littlejohns & Baldwin
Cases in Psychiatryby Dr Ben Green

Epidemiology, Public Health and Service Audit

Psychiatrists' Attitudes towards Audit in Oxford, UK Dwivedi, Walley and James
Mental Health Program Evaluation: Effectiveness in Reducing Hospitalizations and Homelessness by John Bennett, M.D. and Ralph Aquila, M.D. Version 1.1.
Public Psychiatry in the US by Dr J Ranz
Projecting Demand for Psychiatric Services (A paper from New Zealand)
Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Ethnic Minority Children. Kedar Dwivedi

Forensic Psychiatry and Dangerousness

bullet See also Forensic Psychiatry On-Line
bullet Dangerous behaviour of mentally disordered individuals in the Community. by Dr Peter Matthews.
bulletA Short Guide to the Mental Health (Patients in the Community Act) 1995 by Peter Edwards, Solicitor

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Accidy, Addiction and the Prohibition by Dr John Marks
Drugs of Abuse by Dr Paul Miller
Preventing Drug Mis-use by Dr John Marks

Organic Psychiatry

Dementia by Dr Mavis Evans

Applied Psychology

Using Myers Briggs in theWorkplace by Steve Myers
Mid Life Crisis (an MBTI view)

Sexual Disorders

Sexual Disorders

Media Reviews

Special review of the electronic BNF by Dr Carl Littlejohns

Creativity and Poems in Psychiatry

For R. D. Laing by Thomas Atwood


The September 1995 editorial by Dr.Ben Green

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