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A History of the IAGP: Facts and Findings


This book has its origin in an interview which Licenciada Nora Speier Fernández and Doctor Graciela Ventrici from the Revista Argentina de Psicología y Psicoterapia de Grupo have with me on the occasion of the XII International Congress of Group Psychotherapy in Buenos Aires in August, 1995. In the first place, my gratitude for the enormous effort they made in favor of this enterprise and thanks also to the people responsible for the transcription of the tapes.

My most thankful appreciation and gratitude goes to the members of Grup d'Anàlisi Barcelona, my group of reference for many a year, who with admirable determination insisted in bringing this group adventure to conclusion. Not only was the original text read and worked through by this group but, also, in a way it has been written by it. The painful loss we suffered last February with the death of Susana Jover Fulgueira does not permit us to celebrate together. In regard to the editing and final publication of this text, Isabel Admetlla Admetlla, Hanne Campos, Mercè Martínez i Torres and Pedro Mir i Rodés deserve all the merit. Not only have they helped me to clarify my ideas but they also contributed so many more that I am unable to say who is the author of them.

To Jesús M. de Miguel, compañero de penas y fatigas on the arid path of the Sociology of Health, goes a very special thank you for his untiring and unconditional support and his more than generous preface; a thank you also to Melissa Greer Moyer, his wife and the mother of his children, who out of the goodness of her heart and patience revised the English version of the text.

Really and truly, this is a history of a group written by a group, groups have no signature, the co-authors that's all of us, the ones making the history, the ones writing it and the ones reading it. Thanks to all.


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