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Useful Places

Achoo - Healthcare Directory
BBC Health Site
 Healthgate MEDLINE
 General Medical Council (UK)
National Institutes for Health (US)
National Library for Medicine (US)
  The UK Department  of Health and its National Service Framework  
 University of York



Brain imaging

The Whole Brain Atlas
Parkinson's Web
Neurosurgery at Massachusetts


What's new in cardiac ultrasound and echocardiography - a web journal edited by Daniel Shindler M.D.

Clinical Trials Worldwide

Centerwatch A clinical trials listing service, listing approximately 650 clinical trials.


The Diabetes and Endocrinology Home Page presents information for people with diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal problems. Interesting features include interactive quizzes to measure your diabetes knowledge, how well you are taking care of your diabetes, and a way to calculate how improving your diabetic control lowers your risk of complications.


Hepatitis This site provides updates on serology, patient care issues, new papers and news.


The Genome Database The GDB Human Genome Data Base

Infectious Disease


Emerging Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis - a ghost from the past

Other Electronic Journals

Journal of Biological Chemistry


The Internet Library of Pathology Some great images!


US Food and Drug Administration

Reference Laboratories

Arup Labs Reference laboratory with good laboratory medicine information.

Student Doctor Sites/Resources

Cyberounds Monthly interactive clinical conferences in 15 medical subject areas

Colorado State University 3D Anatomy Project

SLE image The Visible Human Project

The Internet Library of Pathology  





Substance Abuse

(US) National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information A thorough and attractive set of pages on substance abuse.
(US) Homepage for the Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR) 20-year high-risk/family study of substance abuse at the University of Pittsburgh
(US)Homepage for the Society for Prevention Research (SPR)
HabitSmart Web (Addictions)


All the Virology on the WWW Includes the Big Picture Book of Viruses and a series of on-line courses and tutorials.

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