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Peer Review Instrument

We ask reviewers where possible to use this Instrument to review papers submitted for publication in Priory Medical Journals. We follow principles to establish a high quality and rapid peer review1,2. This form automates the review process and can be sent on-line or faxed. It gathers information about the reviewer for administrative purposes:

Your Name : Your Phone Number :
Your Email : Your Fax Number :
Journal you are reviewing for :
Title of Paper reviewed:
Type of Paper: Case Report Brief Report Review Paper Case Conference Research Paper


The form also seeks to establish gradings of papers, rate the design of papers and collect anonymised, courteous and constructive comments that can be fed back to the author(s).

General Review

Please grade the paper according to this rubric:
1 outstanding contribution
2 original and valuable contribution
3 worthy addition to the literature
4 some interesting points
5 may be published after modifications
6 not for publication
Where applicable, please complete this section-by-section report:
Subjects and Method
Summary of recommendations, (with comments for feedback to authors):

Specific Review

Study Design Described Sufficiently? Yes No
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria Explained? Yes No
Subjects Representative of Target Population? Yes No
Control Subjects Appropriate? Yes No
Information included to justify sample size? Yes No
Power of study declared? Yes No
Blinding of Investigators (if possible)? Yes No
Blinding of subjects (if possible)? Yes No
Appropriate Statistical Analysis? Yes No
Attrition of subjects addressed adequately? Yes No
Results recorded appropriately? Yes No
Confounders accounted for in analysis/design? Yes No
Analysis supports conclusions? Yes No


Now, either submit your review On-Line using the buttons below

Or print this form out, and fax your completed review to the fax number or email address below.

You can contact us by fax: +44 (0)151 606 1812
or by email: ben@priory.com

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Instrument first realised 15.2.97 by Editor, Dr Ben Green, published with peer modifications 19.2.97 and again in March 1999.


1. Feurer, I D et al. (1994) Evaluating Peer Reviews. Pilot testing of a Grading Instrument. JAMA, 272, (2) 98-100.

2. Cho, M K & Bero L. A (1994) Instruments for Assessing the Qauality of Drug Studies Published in the Medical Literature JAMA, 272, (2) 101-104.