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VIII National Congress SOCIETA' ITALIANA di PSICO-ONCOLOGIA (SIPO) — Integration beteween medical care, pharmacological treatment and psychological intervention in oncology. Acireale and Catania, October 7 — 11 2003

The 8th National Congress of the Italian Society of Psycho-Oncology (SIPO) will be held in Acireale (CT) from October 7 to October 11 2003. Professionals involved: psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, oncologists, nurses, social workers, and all the health professionals involved in oncology care. CME credits will be given to all participants.

COST AND BOOKING: Euro 150,00 + IVA (SIPO members); Euro 200,00 + IVA (non-members); Euro100,00 + IVA (students and residents, up to a max of 100 participants); Euro100,00 + IVA (accompanying persons); Euro 150,00 (IVA included) for lunch and side activities; Euro150,00 (IVA included) (4 nights plus Euro 15,49 for booking). Reservation deadline: June 30 2003. Congress Center: La Perla Ionica — Capo Mulini — Acireale (CT).

Other information: Voyager Congressi s.r.l., Via San Francesco a Ripa 71, 00153 Roma; Tel. 06.58330666; Fax 06.58330815; e-mail:

voyagercongressi@tiscalinet.it; Web sites: www.voyagercongressi.com; www.scubatravel.it. President of the Congress: Lucia Toscano, e.mail: lucia.toscano2@tin.it

6th WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY: The Art and Science of Psychosocial Oncology, April 23-27, 2003, Banff, Canada

This exciting conference represents a joint effort of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (http://www.capo.ca) the American Society of Psychosocial and Behavioral Oncology/Aids (ASPBOA), and the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS). This international conference will bring together experts in the area of psychosocial oncology from around the world. The theme of the conference is: The Art and Science of Psychosocial Oncology: Advancing Research, Strengthening Advocacy, Refining Clinical Care, Forming Alliances. There will be opportunity for each of these activities as professionals from all fields of psychosocial oncology and advocacy will be present. The conference locale will be the Banff Centre, featuring the stunning backdrop of the beautiful mountain village of Banff, Alberta. Located just one hour west of Calgary, Banff provides many opportunities for activities such as world-class downhill and cross country skiing, natural mineral hotsprings, shopping and beautiful scenery.

Preliminary Program Information

Submit Abstract - email: banffcongress@cancerboard.ab.ca



Psycho-Oncology - 3rd International Conference, May 7-9, 2003, Graz, Austria

The 3rd International Conference on Psycho-Oncology will be held on May 7-9, 2003, in Graz, Austria. The conference is organized by the Division of Oncology and Psycho-Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, Karl-Franzens University, Graz. Several topics, including psychosocial support, psycho-oncology guide-lines, coping, quality of life, communication skills will be the object of discussion. The Congress will offer the opportunity for colleagues from Europe and other parts of the world to make new contacts, discuss their filed and develop new ideas in the field of psycho-oncology.

For more information, contact the Organization (Elisabeth Andritsch, PhD, tel +43 316 385 3115, Fax +43 316 385 4167, e-mail elisabeth.andritsch@klinikum-graz.at) or the Congress Homepage http://psycho-oncology/2003.uni-graz.at.


World Psychiatric Association (WPA)

International Conference, Diagnosis in Psychiatry: Integrating the Sciences, June 19-22, 2003, Vienna, Austria

In collaboration with the Austrian Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the WPA is organizing the International Congress "Diagnosis in Psychiatry: Integrating the Sciences", which will be held in Vienna, Austria, June 19-22. A symposium in Psycho-Oncology, "The relevance of psychiatric diagnosis in patients suffering from somatic disease: a focus on oncology and organ transplantation" will be organized during the congress. For more information contact the Congress Organization Service Tel +43 (1) 512 809115, e-mail: wpa2003vienna@icos.co.at or the Congress Homepage http://www.wpa2003vienna.at.


The Third International Creative Retreat For Post-Treatment Cancer Patients, June 10-15, 2003, Assisi. Italy

The International Society of Psycho-Oncology (I.P.O.S.) and the Italian Society of Psycho-Oncology (S.I.P.O.)present: A CREATIVE RETREAT! A journey towards inner peace and strength through the use of silence, guided meditation, art therapy and creative writing (Assisi, Italy: June 10-15, 2003). Paola Luzzatto, Ph.D. ATR-BC (Asst Attending Art Therapist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York) will lead the retreat with an international team of experienced professionals. The retreat is deeply respectful of all cultural and spiritual traditions. The philosophy of the retreat is based on the use of CREATIVITY & SILENCE, enhancing each other to facilitate inner development. COST AND BOOKING: The charge for single room, three meals, workshops, art materials is $650. If you share a double room, the rate is $500 for each participant. Participants should arrange and pay for their own transportation, and make arrangements for medical coverage. The number of participants is limited.

Booking: a check for $200 (Euro 200) should be made out to GEMMA OLDRINI and mailed to Paola Luzzatto, Ph.D. MSKCC Psychiatry, 1242, Second Avenue, New York, NY 10021. The balance will be paid in Assisi.

For more information:

USA: Paola Luzzatto, New York, e-mail: paoluz@concentric.net. EUROPE: 1) Ellen Mullin, London, UK Tel 44 (208) 740.4778, e-mail: rushbottom@email.msn.com; 2) Gemma Oldrini, Genova, Italy, Tel 39 (010) 272.6517. e-mail: gemagi@libero.it

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