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Welcome to the English version of Psychiatry on line Italia.

According to data collected by Alexa, our Net magazine ranks first place in Europe, among psychiatric resources, for the number of accesses reached.

The year 1998 marked the 20th anniversary of the promulgation of the current psychiatric-care law in Italy, also known as "BASAGLIA ACT" and the psychiatric field devoted a lot of effort to this important issue.

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On this occasion opened a specific section of our magazine, where our foreign colleagues can find a great amount of information as well as the actual presentation of the plan in English together with articles in English which explain the Italian psychiatric situation and other aspects of this topic.

In this special section we also included many extraordinary photos of Uliano Lucas, one of the best Italian photographers.


We hope that in the near future we will be able to translate all these pages in English.

We would be happy to know your opinion about our work.

For Xmas we are happy to offer our readers the possibility of reading a Xmas Tale entitled " THE PROPHET". From that page you can also download a table in A4 format painted by the famous italian illustrator Lele Luzzati. Take a look!!!

We believe that we can establish a strong international psychiatric resource on the net, however it entails a great deal of work, but we have been able to provide a great amount of material on our web pages over the past years.

Here is the index of the full-text English versions of articles published on web site:

So, Dear Reader, take a look at the site organisation of contents of the Italian site and give us some feedback !

In order to speed up translation work we are seeking sponsorship to provide the professional development of these plans. If you are interested please contact our PR man, Dr.Fabio Canegalli.

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spazio bianco

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