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Chinese Mental Health Online


Beijing Huilongguan Hospital

Yizhuang Zou, MD, PhD

Chinese Mental Health Online is organized by Chinese Society of Psychiatry, executed by Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, and joined with the participation of 44 mental health institutions throughout China, the Chinese Mental Health Online strictly follows the principle of public welfare and the purpose of by the whole nation, for the whole nation. With the help and support of leading bodies of all levels, numerous hospitals, the public, professionals, medical companies and the media, Our network opened on Jan. 10th, 2003. After passing the recent examination of Ministry of Health, it became the first mental health website to pass the examination.

In 2003, Chinese Mental Health Online obtained second prize of Beijing health websites and Chinese Society of Psychiatry Lilly Outstanding-Contribution-Award. It also received special funding from Ministry of Health, Chinese Association of Science and Technology and some sponsorship from public and companies. In the leadership of Chinese Society of Psychiatry, we established the National Mental Health Network Cooperation Group formed by 44 institutes. In the run of more than 1 year, the website gained high reputation in the Chinese mental health field, and has over 700 registered physicians. Not only is it welcomed by young physicians, it also won attention and support from many leading experts. Currently, we have 34,370 registered members. Our daily pageview is about 10,000 a day. The Chinese Mental Health Online has already become an important source for obtaining mental health information and China’s most influential, most abundant, and most functional professional mental health website.

The main contents of the Chinese Mental Health Online

Our website is divided into the public version and the professional version. In 2003 we added 16 columns including social rehabilitation, psychological intervention and e-magazine, making our total column up to 56. The content of News Center of both versions is updated every day.

(I) Public Version: Includes 5 categories, 24 columns. The categories are: public education, resource searching, self-testing, consultation service and BBS. Over 40 professionals run these categories and columns, each having different tasks.

1. Testing Center: This is designed for public to self-test mental conditions. This program chooses professional psychological tests, and gives detailed analysis and consultation advisory based on the trait of web tests. It is very useful for common people to comprehend their mental conditions. Welcomed by public users, a total of 43,337 users of taken this test.

2. Consultation Center: One of the main characteristics of the Chinese Mental Health Online is interactive information and service. The website offers free consultation on 27 topics such as Depression, Anxiety and Child and Adolescent Consultation. Hosted by psychiatric experts including Past-Superintendent of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, Professor Zhang Peiyan, it answers public inquiries on mental health care and psychological well-beings. For questions involving privacy or sophisticated mental problems, the website offers 1-on-1 online consultations. By making appointments, users can have live communications with experts. Since opening, the column has replied 13,500 online consultations, helping many to recover from misgivings and doubts. It has made a great effect on improving mental health conditions, preventing mental diseases, and guiding patients to seek professional help and medical treatment.

3. Social Rehabilitation: This column includes psychosocial rehabilitation, community service and mental health education. The column is run by Dr. Zhao Guoqiu, director of Hangzhou 7th People’s Hospital, who participated and contributed much to community mental health.

4. Opening the SARS hotline in May, 2003, as intervention and support for public facing the danger of the SARS. There were 150,000 people visited the column.

5. The Chinese Mental Health Online is linked with the website of Ministry of Health, Chinese Association of Medicine, WHO, WPA, Chinese CDC and 30 relative website.

(II)Professional Version: include 6 classification and 32 columns, medical information, CME and training, Administration, consultation, evaluation and diagnosis. There are more than 20 leading psychiatrists in China hold those columns.

1. Continue Medical Education (CME): As the official website of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry, the Chinese Mental Health Online organize CME and training workshops for psychiatrists and physicians in general hospitals, which was especially welcomed by physicians in community and primary doctors in rural area. Professor Chen Yanfang from Beijing Huilongguan Hospital organizes the column. Not only slides but also sound is available on the web, and if you pass the examination through the Internet, you get certification from the CSP.

2. Medical Information: led by Professor Zhou Dongfeng, President of the CSP. The column provides free information searching and full paper.

3. Hospital Administration: This sector discusses topics involving the development and reform of psychiatric hospitals. The organizer of this column is the director of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, Dr. Cao Lianyuan, who has rich experience in health administration.

4. Mental Evaluation: Organized by Dr. Zou Yizhuang of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital. This column provides basic knowledge and intelligence measurement tests for professionals. Using Chinese norms and professional analyzing techniques, it can provide professional mental evaluation, table analysis and database platform for clinical, research, and teaching personnel.

5. Crisis Intervention: The organizer of this sector is Prof. Philips of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, a famous foreign export and executive director of Beijing Mental Crisis Research & Intervention Center. He has gained success in the field of Chinese mental crisis intervention, and has won acknowledgement in and outside China. Since the founding of the center, it has carried out comprehensive investigation and analysis of Chinese suicide status, and has actively developed vast prevention work on suicide.

6. Electronic magazine: this column provides professionals with fast and detailed professional information. The organizer is Dr. Han Suxin, director of information department of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital. She has rich experience in the field of information collection and editing.

7. Legal psychiatry: Organized by Prof. Xie Bin of Shanghai mental health center. He is specialized in the field of mental health legislation.

8. psychiatric response: Organized by Prof. Zhang Yalin of Xiangya 2nd Hospital. He is a major leader of Chinese behavior medicine and relevant international cooperation items.

9. Mental treatment: Organized by Prof. Zhao Xudong of Shanghai Tongji University, who is a leading scholar in Chinese mental treatment. He has studied in Germany and has opened Sino-Germany psychotherapy training program for 9 years, which made great influence in and outside China.

10. Drug and Alcohol, by Professor Hao Wei

11. Evidence Based Medicine, by Professor Sun Xueli, vice procident of the CSP.

12. Psychiatry in General Hospital, by Professor Wu Wenyuan, vice procident of the CSP.

13. Neural-image, by professor Jiang Kaida from Shanghai

14. Mental Health Law, by Dr. Zhang Xinkai from Shanghai, Vice director of Chinese Mental Health Network

15. Psychiatry Nursing, by Ms. Xu Dongmei, Director of Chinese Psychiatry Nursing Association

16. Case Discuss: by Dr. Hao Xueru

17. Electric Medical Records, by Dr. Xiao Chunling

18. Diagnostic classification, by Professor Chen Yanfang, vice procident of the CSP.

Computer network and database in the Chinese Mental Health Online:

The Chinese Mental Health Online was designed by a expert team of psychiatrists, programmed by collaborating with Tsinghua University and maintained by a team in Beijing Huilongguan Hospital. The three teams have many successful cooperation projects before.

The website is intelligent, private, friendly, powerful, quickly updated and secured. The designers have rich experiences in both psychiatric service and its computerization in last 20 years.

There are 8 mental health databases, which are setup and link with search engine in Chinese Mental Health Online, they are:

1. Expert database: include 1024 psychiatrists’ name, title, photo, address, telephone, and expertise.

2. Hospital Database: include 521 psychiatry hospitals or hospital provide psychiatry services.

3. Mental Health Glossary: include 822 items and its explanation.

4. Database of Mental Disorders: include common mental disorders, its pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, classification, treatment, Nursing and prognosis.

5. Database of psychiatric drugs: include a lot of information about most of psychiatric drugs.

6. Database of diagnosis systems: include three common diagnostic criteria and system: ICD-10, DSM-IV, and CCMD-III.

7. Psychiatric reference, 12000 papers and articles

8. Electric Medical Records


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