Child and Adolescent Mental Health

An internet resource pack

Collated by
Tony Roberts

I have aimed to put together in one document those resources which will be useful to the professional working within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Although I hope that this will be useful for professionals worldwide, the emphasis is on resources for professionals in the UK.

Young people, their families, and the professionals, live and work within a psychosocial and legislative framework. This is a framework which is constantly changing, at times rapidly. I have thus included sites which give access to information regarding current debate and legislation, such as Hansard and the UK Acts of Parliament, in addition to international organisatons such as UNICEF.

I have also included some generic sites, libraries, informaton systems and resources because they, too, when pursued, can supply information useful to Child Psychiatry. I have looked also at sites which can supply information on Evidence Based Practice.

Included too are a number of therapies and therapists. All these therapies, even if originally evolved for adults, are worth considering for use (with modification if necessary ) with children or adolescents.

This is inevitably a personal collation; I have tried to avoid a massive list of sites which takes no account of duplication or quality.

Any suggestions will however be most welcome.



Useful, and in addition to searching by subject matter, is good for searching for people's names associated with websites. Can browse by category.


The most well known of the search engines. Dendritic - you can explore down through the subcategories, until you get to a list of specific sites. Alternatively, submit keyword(s) e.g. 'anorexia nervosa children', to obtain a list of sites.

Internet Address Finder

Over 9 million personal internet addresses. Can search by name.

The OMNI homepage

OMNI: 'Organising medical networked information'. A gateway to Internet resources in medicine, biomedicine, allied health, health management and related topics. Can accessed by keywords or browsing. Open to all.


"Reference.COM is the premier resource for collaboration on the Internet. Through Reference.COM users can easily find, browse, search , and participate in more than 120,000 Internet forums....". Main collaborative forums are USENET newsgroups (publicly accessable, around 15,000+), Mailing Lists (by subscription, around 100,000) and Webforums (around 25,000). This site provides for a refined search for groups and articles, by keyword, and provides detailed instructions on how to search.

Libraries and Information systems

The Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health

The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford

The Cochrane Collaboration

'Preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews of the effects of health care'.

The Doctor's Guide to the Internet

Medical news and alerts; update on new medical websites; new drugs; bookstore; internet medical resrouces. Information on specific conditions. Internet medical resources list the sites by type - e.g. medical journals, medical schools, research. The disease -specific reference sites appear very comprehensive.

The Healthcare Libraries Unit Homepage. John Radcliffe.

Healthcare Libraries Unit - information sources for healthcare librarians.

A comprehensive list of links, including those related to Evidence Based Medicine. Categories of links include:

An excellent starting point, and well worth adding to your list of bookmarks.

Institute of Psychiatry Library

A large number of links on various mental health topics including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, and a section of child psychiatry links. Chronic fatigue syndrome; psychiatry and the law; eating disorders.

Medscape home page

'The on-line resource for better patient care'. Many articles, and the psychiatry section looks interesting and browsable. Link to MEDLINE, which can be searched, after registering.

Books, tapes and other resources

Search for and order textbooks on-line.

Academic Departments and Centers

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

AACAP Home Page. Links to other areas, including about 50 leaflets entitled 'Facts for Families'.

AACAP Facts for families

Around 50 handouts. for families, on various conditions and situations related to child mental health, child abuse, etc. Worth accessing. The most well known and comprehensive resource for handouts.

American Psychological Association Homepage

Includes useful links on chldren, adolecents, and parenting issues

The Greenwood Institute of Child Health, Leicester

A number of projects, including: seriously disturbed teenagers; ethnic communities; severely learning disabled young people; young offenders project; the efficacy of CBT with adolescents with sexually offending behaviour; development of a child relations test; various Russian projects. Staff list with research interests. A good example of an 'evidence based' website.

The National Institute of Mental Health

The NIHM website. Links to specific mental disorders, their diagnosis and treatment; details of various research activities. Not specifically child and adolescent, but worth browsing through - e.g. for papers on anxiety disorders, OCD and other papers on a very wide range of topics related to mental health.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Includes links to journals, publications and fact sheets


Children with AIDS charity

UK based.

Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric Aids Foundation.

The leading national (USA) foundation identifying, funding and conducting paediatric AIDS research.


A paediatric database that contains descriptions of over 540 childhood illnesses. One may download the entire database as shareware. Appears useful and concise, and well worth having on one's list of bookmarks.

Government, parliament and the law

Acts of the UK Parliament

Full text versions of all acts of parliament from 1996 onwards.

British Official Publications Current Awareness Service (BOPCAS)

Maintained by the University of Southampton. Details of HMSO publications, acts of parliament, bills, etc. Comprehensive, with ISBN, publishers etc. On-line ordering

CCTA Government Information Service

Massive number of links to other sites. Search facility.


Full text of UK House of Commons Debates, Questions and Answers.

House of Commons Homepage

Pages of links and general resources

Internet Mental Health

Aims to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness throughout the world. Disorders, medication, magazine, diagnosis, and links. Description, diagnosis, treatment, research findings for 52 most common mental disorders.

Mental Health Net

Disorders and treatments. Many links. Support forums. Updates.

PsychArticle Search

A facility to search for abstrcts, by keywork, from a wide range of journals dealting with psychology, psychiatry, and the social science. Originator Amin Gunther, Augsburg.

On-Line journals

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on-Line

Psychiatry on-Line

Transcultural Mental Health on-Line

Includes papers by Kedar Dwivedi: "Meeting the needs of ethnic minority children" and Dorothy N. Sebuliba "Cultural aspects of assessing and enhancing parenting".


Sigmund Freud and the Freud Archives

'This collection of links points to internet resources related to Sigmund Freud and his works. Included in this collection are libraries, museums, and biographical materials, as well as materials in the Brill Library Archives'. Links include: Sigmund Freud overview; Sigmund Freud museum; various exerpts from Freud's writings. Worth further exploration.

C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture

CG Jung Homepage. A number of links, which include a comprehensive bibliography arranged alphabetically by author, with book reviews and summaries. A substantial site. Includes a glossary of Jungian terms.

Specific conditions

Asperger Info: OASIS. On-line AS Info and Support.

This site has received a number of awards for excellence. A large number of links: research papers and descriptions of AS; descriptions of similar/related disorders; educational implications and ideas for classroom management; clients' personal experiences; family contributions. Other recommended reading.

Center for the Study of Autism

Autism and related topics e.g. Aspergers. A useful site with many links.

OCD Web Server : Obsessive compulsive disorder:

Appears a good and comprehensive site. Includes separate sections on trichotillomania and SSRIs. Very long list of abstracts. Booklet for school personnel; detailed information on various drugs. Can subscribe to a mailing list, also obtain direct, browsable access to the messages in a number of related Usenet newsgroups - including "".

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA)

National Center for PTSD

A program of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Many resources, including a database of worldwide literature, book reviews, information survivors.

Child Abuse and Neglect


UK organisation. A bright, user-friendly and attractively produced homepage, with advice to children and families in the form of facts sheets:

National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect

Family Development Center, Cornell University. "The primary activity of the Archive is the acquisition, preservation and dissemination of high quality datasets relevant to the study of child abuse and neglect". Large list of abstracts, the archives themselves can be ordered. Worth pursuing is a LISTSERV discussion group for child maltreatment researchers.

Welcome to the NSPCC

The (UK) National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Important site.


Albert Ellis Institute

Questions and answers on Rational Emotive Therapy; publications; training courses; monthly essay; monthly personal response from Dr Ellis.

Art Therapy on the Web

Worth looking at or perhaps contributing to. Site not currently being maintained.

Behaviour OnLine

'The gathering place for mental health and behavioural sciences professionals'. Numerous updates, hypertext links, articles on various topics including CBT, EMDR, Gestalt, Ericksonian therapy, Evolutionary Psychology. Worth a visit, and a good source of links elsewhere. You can also join ongoing discussions about various topics.

Brief Family Therapy Center

Conferences, training, supervision; based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Centre of Psychotherapeutic Studies

'The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies of the University of Sheffield is the largest and most multisdisciplinary institution of its kind'. Distance learning; clinical training; a number of research projects; on-line dictionary of mental health - a guide to thousands of mental health resources on the Internet; mental health search engine; guide to internet resources in Psychoanalysis, cultural and historical studies; mental health bookshop. A number of e-mail discussion groups on psychoanalytic studies, psychotherapy and counselling, and related topics. Well worth adding to one's bookmarks. This site has received a number of awards for excellence.

EMDR Institute Inc

The centre for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.

Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy

Progress is the Journal of the Phillips Graduate Institute (USA)

New England Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies

A number of interesting facilities, including 'distance learning' courses.There are also several mailing lists, including:

The child psychoanalysis list is sponsored by the Department of Child and Family Studies, New England Institute for Psychanalytic Studies. Topics include current research on child and adolescent development, treatment methods, and applied psychanalysis for educators.

Center for Cognitive Therapy

Dr Christine Padesky provides a number of Cognitive Therapy workshops worldwide, and also sells by mail order a large collection of audio and videotapes on Cognitive Therapy, and is co-author with Greenberger of 'Mind over Mood', and 'Clinicians Guide to Mind over Mood'. Although written for adults, many ideas applicable to children and adolescents, and the books and tapes are recommened for their lucidity.

Schema Focused Therapy

"Schema therapy is a few form of therapy, developed by Dr. Jeffrey E. Young, that blends several approaches to psychotherapy into one integrated treatment. We use techniques drawn from cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, gestalt therapy and others" . Two separate sections: resources primarily for mental health professionals and "resources for almost everyone". Worth exploring.

Substance Misuse

Indiana Prevention Resource Center

An excellent resource from Indiana University. Includes extensive information and links on individual drugs.

Web of Addictions

The authors of this page are concerned about various issues: pro-drugs messages on some Web sites, and the appalling extent of misinformation about abused drugs on the Internet. Also intended to provide a resource both for the public and professionals. Won four top Internet awards for excellence.

Web of Addictions Facts Sheets

A large number of links to other sites, listed by drug. Includes alcohol and nicotine. Excellent.

Children's issues generally

United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF

Various topical and political issues including child labour, landmines, violence. Worldwide statistics by country. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - full text

Full text of the document.

Miscellaneous / help leaflets for families

Help is at Hand

Royal College of Psychiatrists leaflets for the general public on common mental health issues.

Raindrop - Death Education for Children

A humanistic perspective on death - a story about a raindrop than joins a pool and dies. Illustrated.

Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere

Support and advocacy organisation for daughters and sons of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents.

ADOL: Adolescence Directory On-LIne

From the Center for Adolescent Studies, Indiana University.

Surviving Adolescence

From the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. An excellent leaflet, with useful information, humorous cartoons, and a list of useful UK telephone numbers. Worth downloading,