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bullet for psychiatry online Early Prefrontal Cortex Insult And Conduct Impairments William Sheehan and Steven Thurber

bullet for psychiatry online Munchausen By Proxy: Understanding The Psychopathology Of Its Perpetrators

 Bradley & Halder

bullet for psychiatry online When Research Fails To Inform: Current Treatments For Depressed Children In An Inpatient Setting Ginicola & Saccoccio

bullet for psychiatry online Effects Of Game-Based Relaxation Training On Attention Problems In Anxious Children Knox, Lentini, & Aiton

bullet for psychiatry online Tactile Hallucinations associated with Clonidine Hayden, Tiburcio, Cepin & Lanka

bullet for psychiatry online Somnambulism Or Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy? Majeed, Alia

bullet for psychiatry online Association Between Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behaviour In A Clinical Sample Of Hispanic Adolescents. Gutiérrez et al

bullet for psychiatry online Depression, psychosis and psoriasis in a child Agwani & Rais

bullet for psychiatry online Sensory Integration Disorder With OCD And Depression In A Child
Agwani, Knox & Adams

bullet for psychiatry online The Big-Seven Early Markers For Childhood-Onset Psychosis Spectrum Disorders Young

bullet for psychiatry online Neuropsychological Functioning In Children Of Patients With Schizophrenia
Anuradha, Srinivasan & Padmavati

bullet for psychiatry online Parenting Stress In Primary Caregivers Of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Children Knox and Singh.

bullet for psychiatry online Attending to Deficits in ADHD Clinic: Audit Cycle Bellenis, Bachlani, Badrakalimu

bullet for psychiatry online Behavioural Disorders in HIV infected Adolescents Bannerjee et al

bullet for psychiatry online Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Girls Ahmad & Anderson

Psychobiological Depression in Childhood and Adolescence Messina & Tiedeman
Bipolar Disorder in a Pediatric Patient Lara Kierlin

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy As A Clinical Intervention for Childhood Disruptive Behaviours: A Meta-Analysis Ghafoori & Tracz
Developmental Assessment of Young Children McAuley
Verbal/Performance IQ discrepancies in children attending a Child and Adolescent psychiatry clinic Daniel Riordan
Child Custody Access Evaluations; Cultural Aspects Reebye
Is Teacher's Knowledge about ADHD Improving? Jerome et al
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resource Pack
101 WAYS to show you love somebody (without having sex)
'Something terrible happened' PTSD Roberts
"No Chance to Say Goodbye" Traumatic Bereavement and its Management
UK Database of Residential Units
How to learn to cope when you become depressed Roberts
Eliminating the Trauma Burden (A Reply to Dr Greenwald's Paper) Bhattacharyya
Children's Mental Health Care in the 21st. Century: Eliminating the Trauma BurdenGreenwald,
Socio-educational and Biomedical Models in the Treatment of ADHD Ford
Attention Deficit Disorder - An Educational Psychology Perspective.Dawson.
Cognitive Therapy with an Adolescent to Prevent Relapse of Psychotic Disorder. Beeken and Dwivedi
"More Than Words" Responding to Domestic Violence
Video Review - "Not always who they seem" Roberts
Services to meet the Mental Health needs of Children Dwivedi
Suicidal behaviour and the co-occurrence of behavioural, emotional and cognitive problems among adolescents Garnefski & Diekstra..
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Letters Page
Parental influence, pessimism and adolescent suicidality Pearce, Martin, Miller, Long.


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