Residential Units for Children and Adolescents in the UK

An On-line Database

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on-Line is pleased to announce the inception of an on-line database of residential resources for Children and Adolescents in the U.K. We plan to include units which offer therapy to troubled young people, including units owned or run by Health, Social Services, Education, the Independent Sector, and other organisations.

This project has been made possible by the generosity of Priory Lodge Education, and we wish to thank Dr Ben Green, Editor-in-Chief of Priory Lodge Journals.

Whilst every effort will be made publish accurate information and only to list reputable units, it is the responsibility of potential users of a unit to contact the unit directly in order to verify that the unit is reputable and that it fulfills their requirement.


The Highfield Family and Adolescent Unit, Oxford

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Version 1.0 First Published January 1998

Last amended: 28/03/99.