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Brief Psychiatric Reports and Psychiatry Case Reports

This section is devoted to peer reviewed brief reports and case reports. If you would like to submit a  report to Psychiatry On-Line yourself please read our sections on submitting material.



“Mystery of the yawn- escitalopram” : A case report Corey Bricks, Pallavi Nadkarni
Steroid-induced mania Choudry and Al-Gommer
Prefrontal damage and adolescent antisocial behaviour Sheehan and Thurber
Tactile Hallucinations associated with Clonidine

Hayden, Tiburcio, Cepin & Lanka

Ophidianthropy: The Case Of A Woman Who ‘Turned Into A Snake’.
Kattimani et al
Sibutramine Induced Psychosis – Case Report

Balakrishna & Jadresic

Somnambulism Or Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy?

Majeed, Alia

Unusual Ego-Defence In HIV Encephalopathy: A Case Report

Schalk W. du Toit, Saxby Pridmore, Mohammad Khan

Urinary Retention Associated With Amisulpride

Aggarwal, Jain & Jain

2q37.2 chromosomal deletion and psychiatric manifestations Agwani & Rais
Depression, psychosis and psoriasis in a child Agwani& Rais
Sensory Integration Disorder With OCD And Depression In A Child
Agwani, Knox & Adams
Neurosarcoidosis presenting with delusions Mendez et al
HSV encephalitis and schizophrenia Agarwal & Tobin
The case of the nocturnal runner Elanjithara & Isaac
Clozapine Re-Challenge After Initial Failure Due To Hyperthermia In A Patient With Gilbert's Syndrome, Empty Sella Syndrome, And Chronic Liver Function Elevations. Powell & West
Quetiapine- an uncommon cause of hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma Raza
Agranulocytosis with olanzapine following clozapine induced neutropenia Markovic et al
Human Growth Hormone in the Treatment of Depression Green
Treatment of pervasive aggression in a patient with 47 XYY karyotype Rais
Massive Sedation for Alcohol Withdrawal Rajendiran et al
Sensitivity to neuroleptics in schizophrenia and quetiapine Royahah Husain
Hallucinogens and Persisting Perceptual Disorder Singh & Imam
Ziprasidone in the treatment of pica and coprophagia Ramadan
Hyperactivity is not always ADHD Wickrematunga et al
Bupropion induced hypomania Singh & Rajput
Clozapine-associated elevation of hepatic enzymes Franke
Erythema Multiforme associated with the use of Fluoxetine Rais & Rais
OCD and beta haemolytic Streptococcus: a nasty association. Mazzola & Mazzola
Acute Psychosis with Paranoid Features in a Young Patient with Usher's Syndrome:A Case Report Rais & Rais
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Blind Patient Au-Yong & Firth
The Clinical Association between OCD , Trichotillomania and Bipolar Disorder: a case report and review of  literature. Theodor B.Rais MD
Maintenance Lithium Therapy in Kleine-Levin syndrome Biswas, Kumar & Singh
Severe Cognitive Deficits in a Patient with Lithium Toxicity: A comparison of SPECT and neuropsychological findings. Sheehan et al
Acute Hypoglycemia Presenting as Acute Psychosis Padder et al
Differentiating Obsessing and Dwelling in patients with anxiety and depression Liebowitz
Amisulpride and valproate in residual schizophrenia Ziegenbein
Bipolar Disorder In A Pediatric Patient Lara Kierlin
Botulinum Toxin Type A in the treatment of sporadic hemiplegic migraine Goggins & Rogers
Risperidone Treatment in Smith-Magenis Syndrome Niederhofer
Lithium withdrawal induced dystonia Silva, Ramani,& Murthy
Clozapine Induced Cardiomyopathy Donepudi
Venlafaxine - Long-term adverse effects Lathe
Persistent Adverse Neurological Effects of SSRIs (PANES) Ben Green Version 2.2 - updated Jan. 2003
 Is there a behavioural psychosis? Venugopal  et al
Catatonia and the options for treatment Smith & Summers
Buproprion related caffeine cessation.  [Letter] Berigan
The administration of sumatriptan for the relief of headache in serotonin syndrome A K Erdemoglu
Lithium Therapy in Kleine Levin Syndrome  Biswas et al
Factitious Disorder Szoke & Boillet
Clozapine in hyperactive delirium TN Srinivasan
Heat Stroke and Schizophrenia TN Srinivasan
Dissociative catatonia treated with risperidone Jutta Richter
Buproprion related alcohol cessation. Berigan & Harazin
Venlafaxine associated sexual dysfunction treated  by sildenafil Berigan & Harazin
Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Associated with Low Serum Free
Sexual dysfunction associated with nefazodone Berigan & Harazin
Hallucinations as a side effect of venlafaxine treatment Ebert & Klein
Alcoholism, Epilepsy, or Schizophrenia? C S Littlejohns and C D Baldwin
Switching to Novel Atypical Drugs in  Schizophrenia Green



We are keen to consider original material whether it be review articles, research papers, computer programs, photographs or other media. These can be submitted by email over the internet or on disk by post. Papers and scientific articles are subject to rapid peer review. We have an international groups of experts who offer on-line peer review and we aim to have a definitive decision on whether to publish or not within a few weeks of submission.


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