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Anxiety and Panic Attacks: a public resource for patients. Paul Sturgeon Olanzapine and NMS Kanniah & Kumar

Venlafaxine and Galactorrhoea-Case Report.


COVID-19 and Mental Health

Professor Ben Green

A new Hippocratic Oath for the 21st Century Professor Ben Green

A Screening Instrument for Screen Addiction – the CAGE-SA

Professor Ben Green

Women’s Narratives On The Psychological Impact Of Domestic Violence

Dr June Keeling
Optimum Bed Occupancy In Psychiatric Hospitals
Dr Rod Jones

An overview of delusional parasitosis

George, Alleyne & Kohli

Comorbidity Of Anxiety In Depressed Primary Care Patients
Smith, Tamburrino, Nagel and Lynch
Television And The Social Idealization Of Medicine In The U.S.


Psychiatric in-patient hospital activity in England: Time series analysis Singh & Kaur

Early Prefrontal Cortex Insult And Conduct Impairments
William Sheehan and Steven Thurber

One impact of the integrated care pathway on our service
NHS Tayside
Guthrie and Tayar
Alzheimer´s Before And After Alzheimer Euba
Munchausen By Proxy: Understanding The Psychopathology Of Its Perpetrators

Bradley & Halder

Effects Of Game-Based Relaxation Training On Attention Problems In Anxious Children

Michele Knox, Jennifer Lentini, & Stacey Aiton

When Research Fails To Inform: Current Treatments For Depressed Children In An Inpatient Setting

Misty M. Ginicola, Christina Saccoccio.

A Normative Sample Of The Social Adaptation Self-Evaluation Scale
K Jefferies, T Gale
Changes In Weight And Body Mass Index With Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine And Escitalopram Therapy.

Walke, YSC, Pereira YS

Self harm, repeated self harm and the role of prevention programs. Comparative analysis over the periods 1983-1990 and 2000-1007 in Trieste. Francesca Bertossi et al Psychological Effect of Lower Limb Injuries among Football Players Hamed, El- Kalupy & Hifnawy

Prevalence of Viral Illness Immediately Prior to Presentation of Anorexia Nervosa Mike Thomas

An Explanation Of Guided Discovery In Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Neel Halder

How well do doctors understand the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000? Donaldson, Tayar & Connelly The assessment and management of benzodiazepine misuse and dependence Praveen & George
New Perspectives on Gene-Environment interactions in Schizophrenia Chiu et al Secondary Sexual Dysfunction and Antipsychotics Singh, Sandhu, & Kaur

Has That Dose Been Given?

An Audit Of Missing Administration Signatures On Medication Charts In A Psychiatric Hospital
Carter, Cahill, & Haw

Alzheimer’s Disease: Role Of Oxidative Stress And Its Treatment With Antioxidants

Dubey, Singh, Zine, & Patole

Association Between Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behaviour In A Clinical Sample Of Hispanic Adolescents.Gutiérrez et al Psych-Technology: A Systematic Review Of The Telepsychiatry Literature

Melaka and Edirippulige

Shell-Shocked And Confused
Sheehan, Roberts, Thurber, & Roberts

Stigma Of Mental Illness Continues To Impede Early Diagnosis And Treatment Of Affective Illness In The United States
Landino, Roy and Buckley
The Decline of NHS Inpatient Psychiatry in England Green Symptom Presentation of Rural Crisis Patients Steven Thurber and Eugene Bonynge
What's the point of nutrition and mental health? Green The Use of Rating Scales by Canadian Psychiatrists:
Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence.

Oloruntoba Olubok
Self-Esteem Of Out-Patients With Schizophrenia Shamsunnisah & Hasanah Breaking the specialist - primary care services barrier in treating heroin addicts. George et al
Psychosocial and biological interventions in the management of mood disorders Bowers Using The Internet To Study Psychiatry


On The Universality Of Mystical And Ecstatic Conditions Sheehan, Kishi, &Thurber. The Big-Seven Early Markers For Childhood-Onset Psychosis Spectrum Disorders Young

Selective Changes In Affinity States Of Dopamine D-1 Receptors In Amphetamine Sensitization: Implications For Schizophrenia.

Chiu, Mamelak & Mishra

Neuropsychological Functioning In Children Of Patients With Schizophrenia

Anuradha, Srinivasan  & Padmavati

Charles Dickens - An Early Case Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Ben Green A Shared Baby: Two GPs And One Addiction Consultant Grow Their Own 'Shared Care Scheme' For Drug Using Patients George, Boulay, Ryan, McDermott, Wallace, Saikia
Reducing prescription errors on psychiatric inpatient wards
Bowers et al
Is Internet Addiction a Valid Psychiatric Disorder? George and Lenihan
The primacy of neuroleptic-induced D2 receptor hypersensitivity in tardive dyskinesia
Michael Hoerger
Subtypes of depression Singh and Rais
Parenting Stress In Primary Caregivers Of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Children Knox & Singh The Psychiatric Rehabilitation And Evaluation Program (PREP)

Oluboka, Saltstone, Stewart et al

Polypharmacy in patients with schizophrenic disorders treated in a psychiatric outpatient care unit

Brüggemann, Ziegenbein, Elgeti

Freud and Anaesthesia Vijayan
A Survey of Supervised Consumption of Methadone in England

Luty et al

Implications of Sex-Distribution of Two Mental Disorders for Gender Models in Psychiatry Brüggemann & Garlip
The MRCPsych Examination Green

Genetics of Schizophrenia Rais, Singh, Rais

Catatonia in an Outpatient Clinic Kendurka, Sharma & Saluja Attending to Deficits in ADHD Clinic Bellenis, Bachlani, Badrakalimu
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Borderline Personality Disorder Badrakalimuthu & Wills Compulsory Treatment under the Mental Health Act O. Chao and H. Pathmanandam
Remelteon: management of insomnia with melatonin receptor agonist Omar et al Publication Bias against Addiction Disorders Luty et al
Suicide Attempters Quiles, Lopez, Millan First Episode Psychosis - factors affecting duration in Malaysia Rohayah & Hasanah
Behavioral Disorders in HIV infected Adolescents Banerjee et al Skin Signs in Eating Disorders Mazzola
User involvement – myth or reality? Pemmaraju et al Obsessional Jealousy Agarwal et al
Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) Green Toxoplasmosis & Psychiatry Singh
Pain and Somatisation Green Mental illness does it make you more violent? Singh
Professional Status of Psychiatrists - good but not great Luty et al Depression in carers of People with Dementia Shah & Wadoo
Comparative Study of Clozapine, Electroshock
(ECT), and the Combination of ECT with Clozapine in Treatment-Resistant
Schizophrenic Patients
Khalilian et al
Anorexia nervosa and altruism Sheehan & Thurber
Child Abuse and its Relationship to Conduct Disorder Lyttle & Brodie Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Girls Ahmad & Anderson
Acute Psychosis with
Paranoid Features in a Young Patient with Usher's Syndrome:
A Case Report
Rais & Rais
 OCD and beta haemolytic Streptococcus: a nasty association. Mazzola & Mazzola
Diabetes mellitus in Hospitalised Bipolar Patients Khazaie et al Survey of the prescribing practice of Addiction Psychiatrists in the UK for Alcohol and Opiates treatment Ashir & Orekan
Psychobiological Depression in Childhood and Adolescence Messina & Tiedeman Clinical Trials Research: making the most of Research Opportunities as a Psychiatric Trainee. Briess et al
The Invention of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Green Increasing access to appropriate counselling services for Asian people: the role of primary care services Netto, Gaag and Thanki
Clinical Judgments of General Intelligence in Relation to Obtained IQ Thurber, Lee and Bonynge Use of Antidepressants During Pregnancy Latoo and Mufti

Low Serum Cholesterol Levels, Depression, and Violence in Adolescents: a pilot
study in rural Minnesota
Sheehan and Thurber

Impact of an outpatient dietary intervention on antipsychotic-induced weight gain Khazaal et al.
Patient Choice Survey in General Adult Psychiatry
Hill & Laugharne
Anxiety Disorders and Concomitant Characteristics of Inpatients Referred for Psychiatric Consultation in a University Hospital Kishi et al
An instrument to guide symptom-specific treatment of residual depression symptoms
France and Sparhawk
Munchausen's and Sickle Cell Disease Padder et al
A Study of Finger Length Relation (Ring finger & little finger i.e. 4D5D) with Human Personality.
Devasis Ghosh
MRI Changes in Cocaine induced encephalopathy Balamuthusamy & Desai
Clozapine versus Classical Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia using SPECT and PANSS. Sharafi M. Dissociative Identity Disorder and Temporal Lobe Involvement: Replication and a Cautionary Note.
William Sheehan, Barry Sewall.
PTSD in the aftermath of a police operation Ziegenbein et al Temporal-illusory conjunction in schizophrenia Watanabe et al
Psychiatric disorders in hemophilia Fakhari & Dolatkhah Current Practice in the Management of Insomnia Donaldson & Muzaffar
GABApentin Treatment Response in Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)-Refractory Panic Disorder
Bispectral index controlled anaesthesia for ECT Hanss et al
Othello Syndrome in association with Primary Hyperparathyroidism Goggins, Emerson & Nowers Th2-shift in schizophrenia: primary findings from whole blood in vitro stimulation Chiang et al
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy As A Clinical Intervention for Childhood Disruptive Behaviours: A Meta-Analysis Ghafoori & Tracz Validation Of Malay Version of Geriatric Depression Scale among Elderly Inpatients Teh & Hasanah
Service innovations: role of liaison psychiatrist in dental practice George & Oyebode Significance of obsessions and compulsions in schizophrenia. Literature review and case study. McGowan & McIlroy
Detecting psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy or non epileptic attack disorder at a specialist neuropsychiatry centre: a clinical audit. Goggins, Pattison, Upton and Bird.

Efficacy of rTMS in Treatment Resistant Depression Goggins

Psychopharmacological treatment of autistic disorders:
Lofexidine as an useful alternative
Niederhofer, Staffen & Mair
Psychopathology and Psychiatric
Disorders in Neuropsychiatric Patients. A Prospective Study.
Ray Goggins


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